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About us

From the start of our company in 1919, a constant thread has woven the foundation of Bona. Our values of passion, performance and pioneering are present in everything we do from our products to our company culture to our sustainable business practices. It’s not only how we operate the business, it’s how we interact in the world

Our story

Bona’s founder, Wilhelm Edner, originally owned a small grocery shop in Malmö, Sweden where coffee was his favourite product. In his shop, he also sold bonvax, an agent which, when applied to a wood floor, created a polished and protective surface. Edner realised the potential of bonvax, and founded Bona AB in 1919. Now, over 100 years later, Bona is the foremost leader in the hardwood floor industry, with a wealth of innovation experience and knowledge – all focused on bringing out the beauty in floors.

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Our promise

Every day, with every product and every interaction, we promise to offer products and experiences that bring out the beauty in floors. From our commitment to sustainability, to our relationships with customers, to unparalleled service that provides peace of mind, we commit to delivering the absolute best, every time.

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We believe that it’s our responsibility to do better, and be better in everything we do.

Sustainability is core to our business, and has been embedded in our company culture since 1919. What we’ve learned from 100 years of committing to sustainable practices is that sustainability is ever-evolving. Rather than a destination, it’s a multifaceted journey that changes as our world changes. Developments in technology, new innovations, and cultural shifts are all part of how we continue to create a better world.